How to Safeguard Against Buyer Regret
April 28, 2022

You’d think anyone who had just purchased a home would be happy campers, right?

You might be surprised.

A recent Zillow survey found that three out of four homebuyers report having at least one regret about the home they purchased. Reasons were varied, but the real estate site was able to pinpoint six issues that factored into buyer regret:

Too Much Yard Work

Those manicured and freshly flowered beds are impressive, aren’t they? And keeping them that way takes an impressive amount of work. If getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing — and hiring someone for regular lawn/landscape maintenance isn’t part of the budget — you may want to consider a home more maintenance-free. Simplify your landscape with easy-care plants. Or, select a home that comes with front yard maintenance, such as townhomes in Sienna.

The Home is Too Small

If you have five kids, a three-bedroom home may not be big enough. Like entertaining? You want a large, open common area. In today’s hot housing market, people have been scrambling to get a home — any home. Take the time to think about how you live now and what life will be like in a few years. If you have a specific list of must-haves, you might want to talk to a builder about building a home. The larger the community, the more builders and available floor plans there are. For instance, Sienna’s 14 builders offer nearly 200 floor plans — you’re sure to find one that will work or work once you add some customizations.

Wrong Location

You have to love your home and where it’s located. Visit where you are considering purchasing at several different times to monitor the noise level. Track how far it might be to a grocery store, hospital or school. Look for a community near a grocery store or pharmacy for that late night run for diapers or cough medicine. See if schools are within a walk or a bike ride. Full bike racks are a common sight in Sienna. You'll also want to make sure there is easy access to major thoroughfares — Fort Bend Parkway is a straight shot from Sienna to key business, shopping and entertainment corridors.

My Older Home Needs Lots of Repairs Now

Thought you could work on that fixer upper as money and time are available? Not when the roof starts leaking, the water heater goes out and the AC is on the blitz. Taking care of those emergencies will further push stripping off wallpaper and redoing countertops down the list. Prepare yourself for the uncertainty of owning an older home or take those worries off the list with the purchase of a new home that comes with a number of warranties. (Not to mention all of those energy-efficient features!)

Didn’t Consider the Surroundings

This narrows the “wrong location” consideration to a specific homesite. Do you like a light-filled home? Is your happy place sitting on the patio overlooking the water? Want to stroll down shady sidewalks — possibly to a neighborhood park? Would love a backyard garden but still need room for the dog? “Home” extends beyond your four walls — consider what will put the "happy" into your home (and homesite). Sienna makes it easy to see exactly where your home is located with their new online lot locator. Click here to try it now.

Where Is Our Builder?

We’ve all heard nightmare stories of builders leaving work undone and are never heard from again. You don’t want that story to be about you. Ask friends and family for builder recommendations. See if you can talk with people who have purchased a home from this builder. Or choose to build in a master-planned community by an established developer. Johnson Development has long-standing relationships with builders known for quality construction and — just as important — excellent customer service before, during and after the home is built. There are plenty of builders wanting to build in a Johnson community like Sienna, but only the very best are chosen.

Read Zillow’s full article for even more tips.

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