Sienna community services foundation 


The Sienna Community Services Foundation (SCSF) is a non-profit corporation established in 1999 to invest in the future of Sienna. Designed to supplement and complement the functions of the homeowners' association, as well as support schools, youth-based programs, and other needs, the Foundation is an entity entirely separate from and independent of Sienna/Johnson Development or the Sienna Residential Association.

The Foundation enhances the services and resources of the community through the sponsorship of programs, activities, and events in and around Sienna. It also supports residents of Sienna through the Children’s Catastrophic Fund, established to help ease financial pressures of families caring for a child with a chronic, debilitating illness or congenital or genetic disorder. 

The SCSF is funded through foundation fees (.25%-1.00% of the resale price of the home) collected at each closing. As a deed covenant, each time a property is re-sold, a contribution is made to YCFC. So the foundation grows as the community grows. YCFC funds help create a profound sense of community, above and beyond the boundaries of a traditional community association, through the sponsorship of unique programs, activities, and enhancements in and around all JDC communities.

SCSF funds support expenditures including, but not limited to:

  • Community events, clubs, groups, and sports
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology
  • Education
  • The environment
  • Enhancement and/or improvement of infrastructure within Sienna

“Building a community that celebrates life, both now and for generations to come - that's what the Foundation is all about. We're proud of what it has accomplished and the dynamic fulfilling programs it coninutes to support.”

Alvin San Miguel, General Manager, Sienna

While YCFC is on the vanguard, it is patterned after successful models in outstanding residential communities throughout the country including Riverstone in Fort Bend County, Texas; Tuscan Lakes in League City, Texas; Spring Island in Beaufort, South Carolina; Summerwood in Panama City Beach, Florida; and Castle Hills in Dallas, Texas.




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