We Need Your Help...
January 30, 2011

SPRAI's newest campaign, Sienna CAReS kicks off in February. There's still time to volunteer for this exciting new undertaking. The Sienna CAReS campaign will identify goals to help maintain and further enhance Sienna's "small town feel" and sense of community. This program involves creating a new network of volunteers from the many neighborhoods within the six established Villages in Sienna. The focus of these new volunteers, or CAREsS Captains, will be to create opportunities within their own neighborhoods that will help achieve identified "CAReS" goals. Specifically, neighborhood CAReS Captains will work with SPRAI and the Village Reps in developing and implementing the program. Early volunteers will help develop the program framework - including neighborhood rewards and recognition guidelines. If you want to get in on the "ground floor" and help to develop this community venture - now is the time to do so. To volunteer, contact Cyndi Hernandez, SPRAI Community Relations Coordinator, at cyndih@clubsienna.com, or, click here to complete the Volunteer Application. Applications must be completed by February 1 (the kickoff meeting is scheduled for February 17).

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