We've Unleashed the Dogs
May 01, 2018

We did something unusual at this year’s Canine Carnival — we unleashed the dogs! Not all of the dogs, just the stainless-steel dogs that make up Sienna Plantation’s friendliest new community art piece.

The statuesque pups were unveiled during a ceremony at our Village of Sawmill Lake where they will provide a bit of whimsy and lots of smiles.

The unique, natural brushed-finish, stainless-steel dogs were created and constructed by public art sculptor Jim Collins. They represent 11 different breeds designed on a scale of one-and-a-half times life size. The largest dog, a Mastiff, is almost 4 feet tall. Sculptures weigh 75 to 300 pounds.

The Tennessee-based artist is known for his animal sculptures, often depicted in silhouettes. His work can be found in public collections all over the world including three public installations in Ireland.

Sienna Plantation residents will have an opportunity to name the dogs and assist Fort Bend Cares in its mission to provide Fort Bend County community non-profits with resources to meet the needs of disadvantaged children. From now until the middle of May, residents can visit the Fort Bend Cares website to submit names for our statues along with a donation. A drawing will be held on May 21 for the name of each dog. Naming stones will be placed next to each statue.

Come out to see our newest community art collection and tour our beautiful Sawmill Lake model homes. Want to get in on the naming action? Become a Sienna Plantation resident!

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