Seeing Clearly Thanks to Mann Eye Institute
June 11, 2022

I had great eyesight until about age 45. I got by with drugstore readers for several years, and then I started to have issues with seeing far away. I struggled to adjust to progressive glasses and never could get it right as far as the computer, so I reverted back to readers for the computer and progressives for all other times. This was a huge pain, and I was constantly grabbing the wrong pair. It was suggested I go to the Mann Eye Institute in Sugar Land to see if I might be a candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange. This is a customizable vision correction solution that reduces the dependency on glasses and as an added bonus, eliminates the possibility of cataracts ever forming. I had no idea but most adults in their 80s have cataracts. I made the appointment for the Sugar Land office and was told I was indeed someone who could have this done and that it would help all three of my eyesight issues. I had the outpatient procedure done by Dr. Brain Wright in the surgery center in the Medical Center.  My natural lenses were removed and replaced with artificial ones that were made just for me. This corrected my nearsightedness, farsightedness and my astigmatism. I was told that these lenses should last the rest of my life, so I was willing to spend the money and take the chance, and I’m so happy that I did.   You can read more about the procedure and Mann Eye Institute at


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