Southwest Airlines Adds New Fare Category
May 31, 2022

Southwest Airlines will add a fourth fare category in an effort to attract more business travelers and boost revenue. The new fare will be higher than the cheapest tickets but below the top two fares. The executives at SWA believe this will fill the gap between the least expensive ticket (Wanna Get Away) and the more expensive tickets. This new fare will be called Wanna Get Away Plus, and the consumer will get 33 percent more frequent-flyer points than the basic ticket. In addition, passengers will be able to transfer the value of this ticket to another Southwest customer. This is the first major change SWA has made in a fare structure in 15 years. They continue to claim they are the best priced ticket for the value. I know that United, American and other airlines have basic/economy fares, and those prices may be similar to this level. We’ve all been wondering if we will see an increase in ticket prices due to the cost of gasoline and this may be one way SWA is dealing with that.


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