Dr. Dwight Peccora
July 05, 2021

My 18-year-old son recently had a traumatic experience. Actually, he is not the only one.

I got a frantic call from him one night in June. “Mom this is really bad. My 4 front teeth are broken off — actually, one is missing and we can’t find it.”

Since his out-of-state college orientation was two days away, I was not sure of the status of our dental insurance, and it was 9 p.m. at night. Let me just say I was also traumatized.

Long story short —Dr. Dwight Peccora of Fort Bend Dental is amazing. I was able to get Zane in to see Dr. Brian Machart the very next day and he introduced us to Dr. Peccora, who is a surgeon — a very caring, knowledgable, patient, thorough doctor who put both our minds at ease right away.  In addition, he gave me his cell number and assured me I could text him if we had any questions or concerns. It was not a fun day (3.5-hour oral surgery) and more dental appointments are needed, but it was a true blessing to have found such great care so quickly. Highly recommend Dr. Machart, Dr. Peccora and Fort Bend Dental of Missouri City.


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