Lots Happening in Sienna
July 16, 2021

There are currently around 775 families calling Sienna home. Last year turned out to be a huge year of growth for the community. I feel like people saw the value in all of the outdoor amenities Sienna has to offer.  We’ve got so much outdoor recreation with the tennis courts, golf course, sand volleyball court, the Sienna fields, amphitheater, walking trails, bike trails and pools.

I was just reading about Sienna Oaks Lake. It’s an 18-acre of open water that will have a trail going around the lake, as well as structures and covered pavilions to enjoy the view. I was so happy to read this as I’ve recently been walking with a friend around Sawmill Lake, and we love the breeze we often get from that lake.

Another great outdoor feature here is the Sawmill Lake Club playground. It’s got so much!  I almost wish I had a little one again so I could hang out there!


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