Sienna Gourmet
March 05, 2021

I don’t remember if I’ve written about Sienna Gourmet or not. Jackie Mounir is Sienna Gourmet, and she is a beautiful lady with a big heart. She cooks amazing meals and delivers them to residents in Sienna who don’t want to cook or don’t have the time to do so. She does this for a very reasonable price and my family loves her meals.

She often posts on the Gourmet Facebook page asking her customers if they’d like to nominate a Sienna Mom for a free home-cooked gourmet meal. People nominate other Moms who are going through cancer treatments, have ill children or who’ve recently lost their jobs. It’s heartwarming to read the comments about how much the surprise meal meant to them when it arrived. 

After much of Sienna was without power for two days and many people had burst pipes with water damage in their homes, Jackie went back on Facebook to ask for names of Moms who had this happen. She stressed how important it was for us to help each other during this time and asked if anyone wanted to sponsor one of these meals. Three days later, I read a post from a very appreciative Mom who said she actually cried when she opened the door to the delivery of a hot meal for her family as they’d been working all day to clean up the huge mess. Next time you don’t have time to cook, consider ordering from Sienna Gourmet — we’re blessed to have her here in Sienna.


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