Team Crushin’ It
March 17, 2021

Three weeks ago, I woke up to seeing my yard covered with pink flamingos. I looked down on the porch and there was a manilla envelope to explain why they were there.

Team Crushin’ It is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and it could not have been easier to help them reach their goal. In the folder left for me was a short form asking me for the name and address of a Sienna friend they could move these flamingos to. Next, I was asked to consider donating to this cause by either writing a check and putting in back in the envelope or using the Venmo app to donate with instructions on how to do that. Lastly, I was asked to put the envelope back on my porch where I found it — amazingly quick and simple and very much worth it.

I decided to read about leukemia and was surprised to learn that it causes more deaths than any other cancer among kids and young adults under the age of 20. Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer and every nine minutes someone loses the battle. The good news is that due to people supporting this cause, the relative five-year survival rate for patients with leukemia has more than tripled in the past 46 years.

Team Crushin’ It is a group of dedicated young Ridge Point High School students who care about others and I’m glad they knew where I lived.


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