Getting That First COVID Vaccine
March 16, 2021

I got a text last week from the Methodist Hospital system saying that because of my age and a present risk factor, I was now eligible to sign up for the COVID vaccine. 

I went online and read on their website that if you currently have a doctor within the Methodist system, you may be hearing from them about getting the vaccine. I clicked on the link in the text I was sent and within a few minutes I was signed up to get the vaccine at an administration building in the medical center. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process was. Methodist was extremely organized, and I was in and out of the building in just 45 minutes. The shot I got requires a second booster 21 days later, so before I left, I was given a card with the date and time they’d scheduled me for to receive the second dose. The part that impressed me the most was a text I received the next morning from Methodist. They asked if I was feeling good or bad and if I wanted to speak with a nurse. I answered that I felt fine and did not need to do so.

I’m so thankful that people who do wish to get this vaccine will now be able to and hopeful that this summer will include gatherings of family and friends. 


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