House Inspections
February 09, 2021

We recently put our 13-year-old home on the market. When it came time for the official Inspection, after we accepted an offer, I got a bit nervous. We’ve taken care of our home for sure but after about 12 years we purchased a Home Warranty because it seemed like it was always something. I got nervous just because I didn’t want the guy to come back with a mile long report (I’d heard that can happen). I’ve learned quite a bit about this process in the past few weeks. If you are getting asking price for your home, you might need to expect to fix some things that come up on the report. If you came down thousands of dollars (I don’t see that being the case in the current market) maybe your buyer will be ok with you saying no to a few requests. All in all, our report was not bad, and it turned out just fine. I do recommend hiring a good handy man (if your husband is not one to do it himself) and going room by room with him before the inspection is scheduled. Go over everything in all the bathrooms, in the garage and on the outside of the home, as well. You can fix what you want to fix beforehand and that just ups the odds of you not being caught off guard when you get the official report.


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