You Sell it Sienna
February 25, 2021

I’ve got to brag about another Sienna Facebook page. I’m the person who always thinks “I’m not going to bother selling something that will only get me 20 bucks,” but recently I had about 25 items that could be worth at least 20 bucks each so I decided to give it a go. Someone suggested the YOU SELL IT SIENNA group on Facebook. After joining the group, (I think I had to ask to join by giving my address) I found it super easy to navigate. The best part was it asked me which local sell pages I wanted my items to appear on. You can select just one or all of them. I selected just Marketplace and one of my items got more than 500 hits within the first 24 hours. All of my items were sold within three days. I found this a better way to go than VarageSale, which I had used in the past. I know people complain about social media and Facebook in particular, but it sure has its uses, in my opinion.


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