Texas A&M Spring Semester
January 29, 2021

When my son left home last August to move into a dorm at Texas A&M, we were surprised the university was not requiring students to submit a negative COVID test.

Shortly after he moved in, he told us the students were being randomly selected and asked to test via email. I read on their website that the test was not “mandatory” but strongly recommended. After reading lots of posts on a few of the Aggie Parents Facebook pages, I realized although lots of students were complying with the random request, many were simply ignoring the email. Several parents were angry that the school allowed us to pay the full dorm fee, move our kids in and then ask them to submit COVID tests. It did seem backward to me, as well, since any student who had a positive test would be put into mandatory quarantine and knowing this on the front end, some parents may have kept their kids at home to do all online classes. After all, you have to think twice about paying thousands in rent for a kid who sits in their room to attend class on a screen.

My son and his roommate both got COVID two months after moving into the dorms and they did quarantine for 10 days. Three weeks ago, while he was home for the Christmas break, we received an email that A&M is requiring all students returning to the dorms to take a COVID test and upload the results to the university. This just reminded me that it’s not only families who’ve had to make tough calls this past year — schools and businesses have had to make difficult decisions, as well, and sometimes probably got it wrong just like the rest of us. I just pray we are nearing the end of it all.


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