Christmas Sights
December 20, 2020

I always look for things to do in December that involve Christmas lights. My 17- and 18-year-old sons want no part of it and I get that, but my husband will normally play along and it makes me so happy. This year, on the agenda was Rudolph's Light Show in Hockley (just a few minutes northwest of Cypress), driving through Prestonwood (a neighborhood in Harris county) where about 700 homes decorate their residences, and making it to Woodforest in Montgomery for that three-mile tour of lights. I did not make it to Woodforest but was told that they have a Santa’s workshop for photos where you can drop off a letter to Santa and take home cookie-decorating kits. If I had kiddos, this is one I’d make sure I got to but asking my husband to actually get out of the car is just too much, I think.  Prestonwood truly is beautiful if you are in the mood to take a drive with some hot cocoa. I took some pictures but they did not do it justice at all. Hockey would also be better for those with kids — you can read about it at  

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