iPhone Repair in Sienna
December 14, 2020

Even before the pandemic, anyone who has ever had their iPhone suddenly quit working will tell you it’s somewhat stressful and it makes you feel lost. It’s made me realize how dependent I’ve become on it for certain. Prior to this pandemic, I’d just rush up to the Genius Bar at the closest Apple store. That is until I heard about Chris Stephens. Chris lives in Sienna and he is amazing. He can fix almost anything that goes wrong with an iPhone. He can replace your cracked screen in his sleep. I may be exaggerating a tiny bit but I cannot tell you how many times Chris has saved the day for many. The best part is most of the time you can drop off your phone, run an errand and go back and get it within half an hour. During the pandemic, I noticed the Apple store at our mall was closed down. I felt sorry for all those people standing at the glass door reading the note taped to it.  I was tempted to actually tell one upset lady about Chris. I assume the store will reopen, but I’ll stick with Chris. He’s helped me twice for a great price and it sure beats the long lines at the Genius Bar. If you need to reach him you can find him on Facebook under Sienna IRepair.

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