Holiday Decor
November 15, 2020

So many residents do a wonderful job decorating their exteriors for the holidays. You don’t need to drive in Houston neighborhoods to see amazing Christmas lights and yards full of festive characters. My son reminds me every Thanksgiving that ours is one of the "lame" houses with no lights (I blame the husband for this) and I tell him that is all the more reason to go for a drive with me to appreciate all our NON lame neighbors. Sienna has a contest every year and the association’s landscape committee gives gift cards to the best-decorated houses/yards. This year, the judges will also be looking at the street or cul-de-sac that has the best holiday team spirit. The judges will be out and about December 6-9 and final judging will take place December 10.  Evidently, the Hayslips will never win a Home Depot gift card from Sienna, but I’m truly thankful for how festive Sienna looks from late November through New Year's every year.

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