Wal-Mart Curbside improvement
August 28, 2020

The Wal-Mart located at 9929 Highway 6 (at the Fort Bend Tollroad) has perfected its curbside service. I’ve compared pricing and after finding them to be less expensive on paper towels, toilet paper, etc., I’ve used them off and on for the past two years. These past few months, I have been very impressed with the ease of ordering and picking up my curbside orders. Not only do I always seem to find a time slot that works for me, but the website to order is also easy to navigate and it’s rare I cannot find an item. In addition, there is an app that notifies you when your order is ready and asks you to “check in” when you are on your way. When I do this, the app tracks my progress and they are literally waiting for me when I pull up in the parking lot. You no longer text upon arrival and wait 10 minutes. Another thing that makes me a happy customer is the fact that they never leave anything out of my order. Why lug two cases of bottled water from the shelf to your cart to your car when you can pay less by pulling up and having someone put it into your car within minutes? I am a huge fan of Harvest Market and will continue to also shop at H-E-B, but for certain big shopping days, I find you just cannot beat Wal-Mart curbside.

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