Dorm move In
July 30, 2020

I’m sure sending your first born off to College is never easy but doing it during a Pandemic is just awful.  Yes, I could keep him home but he is adamant that he is going and in all honesty, I want him to go!  (do you want to live with an 18 year old boy who doesn’t want to be there?)   I get it. I too wanted out on my own at his age.  I’ve been reading about the measures the University is taking and I do feel somewhat better. They have staggered the move in and kids will move in over a 10 day period at assigned times.  They will require everyone wear masks at all times.  They are cleaning all common areas several times a day with FDA approved virucides.  They’ve got hand sanitizer everywhere.  They’ve set up a website for Covid management where the kids fill out a form if they are having symptoms, need a test or have tested positive.  They are offering free daily testing right there on campus and say results will be back within 24 hours.  They are planing to isolate any kids who test positive & do not want to or can’t return home.  They are offering all classes on line and when they do go in person, the classes are smaller & they are sitting socially distanced.  I have no idea if these measures will be enough or what the future holds, but I’m praying hard that he & all of these College freshmen stay safe & mange to have a good year.

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