Speak Out Sienna
July 24, 2020

Sienna is very diverse and I've always thought that was one of its strengths.  Most of us live here because we have a family and it's a great place to raise kids.  We need to raise these kids to care about injustices & about each other.  It makes me happy to see positive dialogue within our community.  With division being the focus on many news outlets,  I'm thankful that what I see in Sienna currently is people listeing to & learning from each other.  One such way this is happening is through a Sienna Facebook group called Speak Out Sienna (SOS).  Their mission is to "shine a light on racism"; they want this page to be a safe place for discussion that is respectful & peaceful. They are hoping that adults will become educated on the topic of racism & in turn teach their children to end it and not carry it into the next generation. I know for me persoanlly, I sometimes get busy with life and do not spend enough time caring about things that don't persoanlly effect me.  God wants me to be different in this regard- I've been taught we are to hurt at what hurts Him.  I think the discussions about racism & people being mistreated are educating some and healing others. I pray both will continue and that we as a Nation will do better.  

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