Skydive Spaceland Houston
June 22, 2020

My son always said after he turned 18 he was going to jump out of an airplane.  I always just ignored that and went on with my day.  Last week he and his two best friends decided they should go get it done before going off to college.  Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon is about 20 minutes down FM 521 from Sienna.  If you ever want to skydive, they are true experts & excellent at what they do.   Zachary, Jack & Carter came back here after their jump talking non stop about how amazing it was.  I did not go watch (my husband did).  I decided instead to pray and then stay busy while they were gone. This was a great plan and I got a text that all went perfect about an hour and a half after they left.   In the next few weeks two of these boys will head to Texas A&M University and the other will leave for Westpoint.  I'm so glad they got to check this off their bucket list before they go.  I will not stress out about the fact that my husband has already paid for Zack to jump again.  Skydive Spaceland Houston is open Monday through Sunday. 

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