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June 18, 2020

Like many others, we had a great trip planned for June of 2020.   My generous Mother In Law offered to take the whole family on a trip to Italy, Spain & Greece as a Graduation gift for my son.  She was going to host us all, we only had to get our airfare to & from Rome.  When Covid hit initally we were hopeful that by June, we'd be okay to travel but eventually British airways did cancel our flight and did refund our non refundable tickets.  I'm really hoping we can fly someplace soon.  We're not going to attempt Italy, but hoping to go somewhere within the United States so I've been reading about what United Airlines is offering.  From what I'm seeing not only are tickets less, but they are sometimes waiving change fees and letting the customer reschedule a trip they have to cancel for anytime within the next 12 months.  In additon, and more important to some, United has introduced United CleanPlus, a partnership with Clorox & Cleveland Clinic to ensure our peace of mind when boarding a United flight.   They've stated these protocols are now in place as their commitment to putting health and safety as top priority.  I don't know if we'll pull the trigger and book anthing for this summer or not, but I do like what I'm reading since we are being told by some experts that Covid is not leaving us completely anytime soon.   

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