The Mom Bomb
June 23, 2020

One day during the Stay at Home Order I woke up to a text instructing me to go look in my front yard.  An adorable pink sign was in my flower bed telling me that I was the Bomb.  The text also indicated that there was a small gift on my front porch and  they hoped I'd pay it forward & Bomb someone else soon.  In the bag with the gift I found a hand written note explaining why I was "The Bomb" and it was signed by the #siennastrong network (and an amzing local named Jennifer). I loved my sign & the gift (a great smelling bath bomb) but what I loved most was being thought of.  Like many, I'd been feeling a bit lonely & isolated.  I'm an extrovert and although I love my family, I was craving time with non blood relatives.  I did pay it forward and then enjoyed watching our neighborhood facebook page explode with cute pictures of Sienna ladies bombing each other. This went on until Mothers Day when Jennifer then decided to get lots of the pink signs back and put them in the yard of a special Sienna Mom who'd just finished Chemo.  The Bomb a Mom Campaign was a true bright spot for many of us here in Sienna & I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it.

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