Sienna Neighbors
March 27, 2020

Of course, one of the many ways we in Sienna are staying connected is through Facebook and our Neighbors page.  I heard someone say, "This is not social distancing, this is physical distancing because we can still be social." We've turned to the Sienna Neighbors page in the past to get good recommendations for plumbers, bakers, housekeepers and more.  This week,  I've read posts from my neighbors about which stores get deliveries at certain times, about how to make my own Clorox wipes and where I can find toilet paper.  I've recently seen several posts from teachers giving us suggestions about how to keep our students on a schedule as well as suggestions on educational sites to check out.  Another thing I've seen this week on our Neighbors page that made me smile is a picture of my friend in Stone Ledge.  Jennifer and a few people on her street came up with a way to have a Happy Hour while still being responsible and keeping the suggested amount of distance between them. This is even better than doing a virtual Happy Hour because they are getting outside for fresh air.    Leave it to Sienna to find another way to socialize!  I love it.

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