RPHS Seniors
March 26, 2020

I'm sure all over our nation, the Class of 2020 is feeling some anxiety and sadness over what the coming weeks may hold for them. I've got a senior at Ridge Point High School in Sienna, and we've been discussing what these kids may (or may not) miss in the coming weeks. Ridge Point does a great job of making the last of part of a senior's year a memorable one but we had no idea it would be this memorable. They have what they call "Senior Scram" where they take buses to Fiesta Texas for the day. They've got a class breakfast and then "Senior Walk" where they walk the halls one last time and the rest of the school and their families watch them as confetti is dropped and the school song is played. I've seen videos of these special events in years past and have always looked forward to my son's this year. I know several kids who've worked their tails off to earn special recognition at the graduation ceremony.  It's still unknown as to what will take place and when, but it's getting hard for these seniors not to feel some concern. I'm personally so proud of this Class here in Sienna and hoping we will get to celebrate them in a big way this May and June.  

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