Zoom meetings keep us connected
March 25, 2020

This week, my church sent an email saying we were going to have a meeting using Zoom software.  I was emailed a link and it was very simple to install Zoom and then log on to join the meeting. I was able to see and hear everyone while sitting in my study on my iMac. It was a good meeting and we were able to discuss a few things in detail that we simply would not have on email. Three days later on a walk with a friend, it was decided that she would Host a Happy Hour via Zoom. The next day at 5 p.m., she sent a link to six of us and after a few minutes, we were saying hello and hearing each other's laughter like a typical Friday afternoon! We had so much fun just sitting in our individual homes in old T-shirts with no makeup on chatting about this crazy time in history.  We are fortunate for the technology that keeps us connected as we physically distance ourselves from each other. I read a Facebook post that said, "Okay all you introverts, put your book down and check on an extrovert because we are NOT okay!" It made me laugh, but the good thing is we extroverts are going to be just fine as long as we get creative.

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