SiennaStrong (Again)
March 20, 2020

Back in 2017 when the effects of Hurricane Harvey hit Sienna, this community that I love so much came together in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Here we are in 2020 and again I am seeing neighbors helping neighbors and acts of kindness that inspire me!  In the days that followed Harvey, our neighborhood Facebook pages introduced us to a new page called SIENNA STRONG. A local Realtor with a big heart, Jennifer Ciulla, took on the task of getting us organized so we could better help those that needed it most. We could go to that page daily and see what the most pressing needs were and how we could take care of it as a group. After it became clear that residents in Sienna proper were fine (a tornado had caused some residents to need immediate help), the Sienna Strong page directed us to our neighbors in Riverstone, and then beyond. There are almost 3,000 members of this group today.  The COVID-19 virus is bringing Sienna back together once again. We cannot meet in person we did after Harvey, but the Sienna Strong group is determined to help us support our local businesses. In addition to restaurants, lots of businesses will suffer as a result of us needing to stay home. However, I know we in Sienna are going to take care of our own to the extent we can. These businesses are being asked to post to the group where they are, what they provide, what their hours of operation currently are and their contact information.  This makes me so proud to live here and thankful for Jennifer and all of Sienna.


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