Spike Volleyball
February 15, 2020

Volleyball has become a very popular sport in Texas.  I know some families that travel for this sport as much as the families with kids in Select baseball. I went to a big tournament a few years ago at the George R. Brown Convention Center and I could not get over how loud it was in there with all those whistles and how many parents were yelling from the bleachers!  People are serious about this sport. Most of the girls who make the high school teams have been working hard at this sport for several years. There is a training facility called Spike Volleyball off the Fort Bend Tollroad on Hillcroft and it's hard to miss when you are driving from Houston toward Sienna on the Tollroad. It is a huge building with 6 courts.  It's got Sports flooring to protect the athlete's joints & muscles from the impact of repetitive jumping, and since this has been proven to reduce injuries, I'm told it's important to have. Spike teaches skills, provides private lessons and has Club teams.  They have 10-week training sessions for kids in grades 4th through 6th who have making their 7th grade middle school team as a goal.  You can find out more at www.spikesport.com 

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