Railroad Crossings
February 22, 2020

Growing up, we lived near an active train track and I've always loved the sound of trains, just not the loud horn they blow as they approach intersections. There is track that runs through Sienna and at one time, I lived just three houses from it. We loved living in that house and were not bothered by the train one bit. Federal law does set various requirements including how often, as well as when trains can blow their horns.  The law says trains must sound their horns for at least 20 seconds before approaching a public road crossing but there are sometimes loopholes.  A community may apply for a quiet zone and if the proper signals are present at that crossing, the train will then not sound its horn in that zone. I don't hear train horns within Sienna very often at all, so I assume our crossings are considered quiet zones. I do still love to hear a train roaring by at night and know lots of people who feel that same way.  

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