National Flex Football

August 20, 2019

National Flex Football (NFX) is a league for kids in Kinder through the 6th grade and is a revolutionary simulation of real football.  It's inclusion of the run game, pass rush, press coverage and blitzing gives the players the chance to sharpen skills while avoiding concerns that some parents may have about kids playing tackle football at this age.  Teams are assigned based on the players grade level and they practice twice a week (and have one game per week).   The Coaches in NFX have been educated and certified on Flex Gameplay, player safety  and team management by NFX.  Teams have 12-15 players maximum and it costs $175.00 to register.  Week one starts September 21st and the last game in the regular season is November 9th.  If you'd like more information on Flex Football you can email or  visit

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