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August 18, 2019

We have another restaurant here in Sienna and it's right here in the Center of the neighborhood at Bees Creek.   When I heard that Crawfish & Pho was opening next door to Monster Sushi I was not super excited becuase I thought it would just have Crawfish & Pho.  I like crawfish but I do not want it all that often and I really had no idea what Pho even was.  I went for lunch one day after hearing how good it was.  First of all, I personally think the name is misleading becuase the menu is big- lots of choices.  If you like seafood, you'll like this place.  They've got several types of fish that they prepare both boiled & fried.  I had the salmon and it was perfect.  My boys both really liked their fried rice, as well as the lomein.  The service is excellent and there is a nice size TV so we were able to watch the Astros game while we ate.  I grabbed a to go menu on my way out and plan to pick up dinner the next time I do not feel like cooking.  It could not be more convenienet, as I drive right by there to get home.    They are open Monday through Sunday from 11 am- 10 pm.  The phone number is 832-440-0611.  

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