Harvest Market is open

July 16, 2019

If you currently live in Sienna, you've seen that the new Harvest Market grocery store is now open on Sienna Parkway.  Every time I drove by it after the Grand Opening I was tempted to run in & check it out but  I waited until I was not in a hurry and could take my time to go all through the store.  I had been told they would have healthy prepared foods that we could grab for dinner on busy nights.  I did check out the food court area and it looked great.  I had also been told that the produce is organic & locally grown, which I love.  I read they are always looking for local farmers & ranchers to support and this gives me another reason to want to support them.   I went ahead and did some grocery shoping and found everything on my list.    My favorite purchase was the Rotisserie chicken.   This Rotisserie at Harvest Market was so much better than the ones I've purchsed elsewhere.   It was larger and had more flavor for the about the same price.  As I was about to check out I asked what the price of the milk was and I was informed that Harvest Market will be price checking items to ensure they are not higher than HEB.  I think the location, the ease of getting in & out quickly, along with the healthy prepared foods available for the price will make this a place I frequent. 

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