Costco from Sienna

May 16, 2019

I know I've written about Costco before but it's been a while.  From Sienna we've got two choices as far as the closest Costco.  One is in Pearland and the other is in Sugar Land, but both are about 12-13 miles from my house.  It's been my experience that Pearland is less crowded but the layout is the opposite of the Sugar Land store, so if you go there after several visits to Sugar Land, be prepared for that.  I say that because the store is huge and when I first walked in Pearland I thought "I don't like this" but after going three times I am now hooked.  You can shoot up FM 521 all the way to Broadway or you take 288 and exit Broadway.  Not much difference time wise.  If you want to stick to the Sugar Land area, LJ Parkway to University is the quickest & easiset route.  Why is Costco a favorite?  I could go on an on.  The other day someone on on of the Sienna Facebook pages asked the question "what do you love at Costco?"  Pretty soon 4 pages of items were listed, lots I'd never even seen or tried.  It truly is the best price on certain things, a good price on most things and a fun store to walk around if you don't mind being tempted to buy things that are super cool, although not really needed. 

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