Sienna Levee Improvement District

May 13, 2019

The Sienna Levee Improvement District is something you are familiar with if you've lived in Sienna for any length of time.  Living anywhere in the Houston area means dealing with the potential threat of flooding and sometimes crazy weather.  Having so much rain this past week made me take another look at the question of flood insurance and if we need it.  You may think I'm crazy to even question having it after Harvey, buy my husband continues to say "since we did not get water in the house during Harvey, why should we get it now?" I see his point but know that most my neighbors have answered that with "peace of mind". I see it both ways.  No we are not required to have it, thanks to our levee sysytem.  Yes it is very inexpenisve.  I decided to go to the Sienna Levee Improvement District's website and read what they have to say on the subject again (I did so after Harvey as well).  They have a FAQ page under a tab entitled "Harvey" and its great, detailed information.  In my opionion they have done a wonderful job and are continuing to keep us up to date regarding the Brazos River and staying safe during periods of heavy rain.  At the end of the day, everyone has to make their own decisions on the need for insurance and how much, but if you are questioning the need for it, you might want to include this their website ( when doing your research.

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