Newmark’s Curated Collections Simplifies Home Design Process
December 12, 2021

Will your backsplash complement your countertop? Did you pick a paint color you’re going to love once it’s on the walls? And how will everything look with the flooring you selected? These and other concerns are eliminated, thanks to Newmark Homes’ new Curated Collections.

Developed by Newmark’s professional interior design team, Curated Collections are a set of design packages that group together coordinating choices for floors, paint, cabinets, hardware and other design decisions. Buyers can select from gray, warm and white packages, and each package offers several interchangeable choices for further customization. An online “visualizer” lets you see what the combinations will look like in a home.

Buyers who feel they are less than design savvy no longer have to worry about making a décor decision they will regret living with.

But that’s not the only advantage in choosing one of Newmark’s Curated Collections. Because a buyer works directly with the Community Sales Manager — rather than visiting Newmark’s Design Studio — decisions are made at the time of the contract, which means buyers know exactly how much their home will cost immediately. And because of the quicker design process and the availability of items within the Curated Collections, the amount of time needed to build a home is reduced by one to two months.

The Curated Collections are specifically for Newmark’s Portrait 45 series and Artisan 50 series, both of which are offered in Sienna. The floor plans in the Portrait Series are priced from the $330,000s. Those in the Artisan Series start in the $400,000s.

Buyers wanting more choices can visit Newmark’s state-of-the-art Design Studio where they will see a wide range of available choices and will work with a design professional who can help guide them through the process.

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