Sienna continues to grow
June 24, 2020

I have a close friend who put her house on the market recently because her husband's new job is in Dallas.  I could hear the stress in her voice as she talked about how happy they'd been here and how concerned she was about the housing market during  these uncertain times.  I was able to share with her what I'd just read about Sienna.  Evidently even during a Pandemic, we are still growing.  Home sales here are up over 2019 and since construction is considered essential, it did not stop during the shut down.  One of the things I've always loved about her house is the large, beautiful study with huge built in cabinets.  I told her I imagined someone who now works from home would fall in love with that space, as well as her huge backyard.  That conversation got me thinking...I always talk about down sizing after my youngest graduates but if we are both going to work from home from now on, do I want to do that?  It sure has been nice that all of us in this house have been able to spread out & find our own quiet spot to work in.   My friends house did sell in less than one month. If I meet the new owners I'm going to ask them who gets to work in that great study.  

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