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March 18, 2021

Last week, I moved out of a house I’d been in 13 years. I had never lived anywhere that long. I hate to admit that my husband was correct — I own far too much stuff!

I’m truly grateful to have known to call Navarre Moving & Storage. Chad Navarre owns this company, and he knows all about people with too much stuff. I called them for a quote and explained that we had to be out three and a half weeks before our new home would be ready. The response was, “No problem at all, Ms. Hayslip. We do this all the time. We will hold the contents of your house in a climate-controlled facility until you tell us where and when to deliver it.”

The best part was that the fee for this storage was very reasonable and I trust them completely having used them before. They move people locally and nationwide, have a full line of discount supplies, offer full packing services, are bonded and insured and are just very nice people. I hired a three-man crew to help us pack the large, heavy items the day before we moved. On moving day, Chad sent a five-man crew in an 18-wheeler. They arrived at 8 a.m. and by 5 p.m., our entire house (and three-car garage) was loaded up. Long day — yes, but far from stressful due to their experience, organization and professionalism. I strongly recommend Navarre.


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