Harvest Trolley
November 08, 2020

If you drive around in Sienna for more than a few minutes, chances are you’ll see a Harvest Market Trolley rolling down a neighborhood street. When I first saw one, I thought it was the only one. I now know there are several and they make life more convenient. It’s very simple and it’s a true game changer in the life of a busy Sienna resident who needs to get their family fed. To get started using this service, just download the HarvestTrolley app, register your contact information and get your shopping list ready. The trolleys are stocked with the most common grocery items and basic essentials. You can order fresh meats, milk, eggs or just about anything else through the app or on the website. They will deliver right to your door or can hop on the Trolley when it arrives on your street and browse for what you need. If you’d like more information you may call 281-665-4868.  

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