Papa John’s
January 19, 2021

Lots of Sienna folks are going to be happy to know we are getting our very own Papa John’s right here in the community in a couple of weeks. The sign is up, and you may have seen it while driving down Sienna Parkway. They are just waiting on final permits from Missouri City from what I’ve been told.

Papa John’s is a franchise and the 4th largest pizza delivery restaurant in the United States. They started in Kentucky and boast that they only use truly fresh ingredients. A motto of theirs is “better ingredients, better pizza.” They claim the dough is always made fresh, as are the spices and sauces. I do know quite a few who prefer Papa John’s to all others (I’ve always been a Pizza Hut girl, myself).  Currently, if you want Papa John’s you have to go to Rosharon or Sugar Land, but not for long. 

Keep an eye out and I will, too. 


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