the 4th in Sienna

July 18, 2019

I've always loved the 4th of July.  I enjoy it so much that I hate to not be in the United States at that time.  I feel the same way about Thanksgiving.  We were in London on vaction once at Thanksgiving and I said never again.   It's like that fun holiday just did not exist that year.    My extended family is planning a trip over seas for all of us next summer and my one request was that we be back in time for the 4th of July. If you've been in Sienna on the 4th you are probably aware of all the organized fun that takes place.  Our Association hosts what they call the  Red, White & Blue Spectacular and it's always a big hit.  There are DJ's at the Pools playing fun music, there is a Pie Baking contest, a concert and of course Fireworks.    My neighbor told me that she and her sister (who lives in Katy) used to take turns hosting their big family of 28 on the 4th but that since they all prefer the Sienna Festivities on the 4th, she's been asked to host from now on.   The Fireworks are truly amazing and if you live here, there really is no need to drive outside of Sienna to enjoy them.   I have a friend in Commander's Point who says several of her old neighbors in Bellaire come out every year to watch them from her house.  My favorite thing about spending the 4th in Sienna is the home town feel I get. Even though Sienna is growing fast, to me it still feels like it did ten years ago every July 4th.


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