SiennArt Festival on Sawmill Lake
SiennArt Festival on Sawmill Lake
Saturday, November 2, 2019
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sawmill Lake Club in Sienna
Free Admission

Artists and artisans from across Greater Houston will be displaying their work at SiennArt Festival on Sawmill Lake in Sienna. Add to that wine, food, music and the easy vibe that is life in Sienna, and you have ideal weekend relaxation. Admission is free, so grab your fave art fan friends and make a day of it! And if fabu interior design is art in your book, there are 20+ professionally designed models you can explore - many near the SiennArt Fest site. Here's a link.


Scroll down to see artists displaying at the SiennArt Festival on Sawmill Lake!


Showcase your work to art enthusiasts and festival fans from all over Houston, as well as Sienna's 25,000+ residents. There are a limited number of spaces remaining! ADULT ARTISTS: Submit four images of work you'll be showing (actual or representative samples) plus a shot of your booth by or before October 25, 2019. Prizes include Best of Show, First, Second and Third place. STUDENT ARTISTS: In addition to student information and at least one art piece, parent or guardian consent is required. Your work will be displayed in a student art tent with the public being invited to select a "People's Choice" winner! 

All artists selected to participate will be notified promptly, and a thumbnail image of your work will be added to the event landing page below. ART JUDGE: ANITA NELSON. Learn More About Anita

adult artist application

STUDENT artist application



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Afia Rahman
Andy Gonzales
Peyton V.
Jacob R.
Stacy Gresell
Avery C.
Geetha Prakash
Cami C.
Neha J.
Kathryn Castro
Jamieson Walker
Judge - Anita Nelson
Albert Goldriech
Suranga Cholia
Samantha S.
Robert Ruhmmann
Debra Jan Hall
Sydney Waithe
Mary Becnel
Drew Hind
Gisella Crawford
David Mortenson
Wanda Sdao
Brenda Hash
Jessica Winters
Maryann Lucas
Akshata T.
Abdul Basit
Tim Herschbach
Delton Gerdes
Sandy Shiver
Nora M.
Edward Meanley
Sarah Hildebrandt
Donna Brown
Ruth Stubenrouch
Julie Clifton
Jo Edwards
Rupa Munshi
Beata Bober-Gorzkowski
Tony Sherman
Yanelle Salazar
Evan Herron
Cara Turner
Mary Mulvihill
Anne Perez
Lexi Garcia
Sudha Iyengar
Mary Gullette
Marty Levine
Anoop A.
Mike Doan
Gilberto Mello

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