Teddy's Ladder

July 20, 2019

Teddy's Ladder is a Prep School for elementary school and it's right here in the neighborhood.  I was reading about Teddy's Ladder and it said that kids will not only know how to read at the end of Pre K, but they will also be able to write and do double digit math as well.  They've got Pre school for ages 3 & 4 and then Pre K for ages 4 & 5.  I do not know if it's important or not for kids to know how to read when they start Kinder and mine did not.    They attended a Pre school program that was not very academic and they did fine. Even though neither of my boys ever seemed behind in school, I would not think it's a negative to start learning younger.   I'd be interested in hearing more if I had a Pre schooler today because everyhing is  more competitve now than it was 17 years ago and things may be different.     You can read more about them at www.teddysladder.com or give them a call at 281-778-0366.  

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