There is No Off Season with the Sienna Speed Camp
March 08, 2011

Rice University Track and Field coach Casey Thom will bring his expertise to young athletes of Sienna to help develop their speed and agility, applicable in all sports and recreation. Whether you are aiming to decrease your 40 yard time, increase you batting average, or make the varsity team, the Sienna Speed Camps will help you achieve your goals. This monthly camp involves a series of four sessions, each with a different theme based on developing a different aspect of speed (acceleration, maximum speed, multi-directional sport specific speed). This course is great for athletes from all sports in which running is involved. The camp is available for residents, ages 12 and up and will take place, Sunday evenings, from 6 - 7 p.m., beginning April 2. Classes will be held outdoors at the Amphitheater area. Registration fee for residents is $160 per participant or $200 per non-resident participant. Click here to register, or call 281/778-2582.

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