Sienna — Where You Can Live and Work
February 15, 2022

How would you like a commute that is a fraction of the time most Houstonians spend behind the wheel?

The average Houston-area commute is 27 minutes — and that’s just one way. And commuting nearly an hour a day doesn’t just take time away from family or fun, it can also be expensive. In fact, Lending Tree did a 2021 study that showed it cost commuters on average $5,015 annually in fuel, tolls, maintenance, parking and vehicle depreciation.

That’s a worry many Sienna residents don’t have.

There are a host of businesses lining Sienna Parkway and dotting Highway 6 at Sienna’s two entrances. Many of these businesses are owned by Sienna residents and most employ people who live in Sienna either full- or part-time. For instance, there are more than 20 medical and dental offices in or near (2 miles or less) of Sienna. There are dozens of banks, cleaners, auto shops, financial services, title companies and more in and around the community. The 40+ restaurants employ hundreds of people as do the nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, home stores and other retailers.

Plus, Fort Bend’s largest employer — Fort Bend ISD — has seven schools located within Sienna. One more is under construction and a high school is underway near the FM 521 entrance to Sienna. Many of the children attending classes in these schools are greeted by faces familiar to them because they are neighbors.

What would you do with the extra time gained because of shorter commutes? Sleeping in is always an option, as are having time to make a hot breakfast for the family and seeing the kids off to school. Maybe pop home for lunch or to school to eat lunch with your kindergartner. A noontime workout at one of Sienna’s fitness centers also is a possibility. With the extra time in the evenings, you can skip the dinner-homework-bedtime rush and take a more relaxed approach — maybe even having time for a game of HORSE at the basketball goal in the driveway or a stop at the dog park.

Does the idea of less time behind the wheel and more time to do what you love sound appealing? Consider making the move to Sienna.

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