Heritage Rose Elementary Cooks Up Fun
May 19, 2015

Second graders at Heritage Rose Elementary, one of several Fort Bend ISD schools serving Sienna Plantation, are cooking up healthy fun as part of the Recipe for Success Foundation’s Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ Program.

The program is designed as the roots for a lifelong, healthy lifestyle. Every other Wednesday, the Heritage Rose students cook a healthy dish from start to finish, measuring, chopping, cooking and then sampling their culinary creations. On opposite Wednesdays, the students are working in the school’s garden, where much of the food prepared in class is grown.

Among recipe favorites are the baked Crunchy Chicken Nuggets and the Sunset Smoothie, a sweet concoction of various fruits and kale.

Heritage Rose Elementary is only one of two schools within Fort Bend ISD to participate in the program. Learn more here.

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