Sienna Plantation Sweet 16 and still growing
November 14, 2014

Now in its 16th year, Sienna Plantation continues to call the attention of many movers and shakers, especially due to its latest development activity.  The TriCity Business Alliance made its way there the other day as members were treated to updates about the latest residential and commercial developments in that part of Fort Bend County.  On Oct. 28, the business mixer at the Home Finder Center featured Sienna’s creative Marketing Director Susie Goff, sporting pink eyelashes on her car spotted in front of the center; Alvin San Miguel, Vice President and General Manager; and Recreation Director Lisa Cox, also with Sienna Plantation.  It looks like within the next six months, the newest homes will be up for purchase in the area, “and by the end of 2017, we’ll have 7,400 homes completed,” San Miguel told Business Alliance members including Chad Lang, Sandra Harrell, and Ed Biles, Missouri City resident best known for his role as a former NFL Houston Oiler’s coach.

It is expected that in this part of Sienna Plantation, referred to as Sienna South, Fort Bend ISD has planned for new schools to serve the future needs of the developing area given growth expectations.  Reportedly, land has been set aside for schools as needed and plans show sites for them, especially since San Miguel said Fort Bend ISD would like to build two elementary schools and a middle school. Recently it was reported that the school district exchanged almost 15 acres at Sienna Plantation as a site to build one of those elementary schools and next to that, the school district also purchased almost 32 acres for a future middle school.

With this next development phase already underway at Sienna Plantation, San Miguel said there are nine sections of construction with 500 single family residential lots.  The plan is to move through about 3,800 acres in this area that will have about 6,500 single family residential lots and 140 acres of commercial development, he reports. Given that, it also looks like Sienna Parkway, the main thoroughfare of the master planned community, will be extended southwardly with the progression of the new development. Over the next 10 years, the plan is to have Sienna Parkway winding up to FM 521 into the area with 6,500 residential lots, said San Miguel.

Current commercial interest is also focused on assisted living and an active adult community, formerly considered at Sienna North some time ago.  San Miguel said that in the next three to five years, Sienna Plantation could have an active adult community and with the next 10 to 15 years, he projects the addition of another 100 homes.  Currently, there are 700 multi family units “on the ground,” he said, and “we are under contract for another 420 units that will complete the entitlements of this area.”

The new portion of the Fort Bend toll road opened in March “to the east of this office (the Home Finder Center, and) we’re starting to get a lot of interest from commercial users.” Among the hopefuls are restaurants, retail and some entertainment to be supported with a substantial residential base.

On a related note, the Houston Community Campus (HCC) at Sienna Plantation on Sienna Springs may be moving to Texas Parkway in Missouri City and serve as what is being called a catalyst project.  This could support retail and restaurants in the relocated area as lunch time traffic, in particular, is important and part of the recipe to the success of restaurants. San Miguel said restaurants at Sienna work well with dinner traffic, and as other developing efforts seek out restaurants, “the biggest thing they need is lunch time traffic.” As for the vacated HCC site, Sienna Plantation may possibly see a Fort Bend County annex there, right next to its county library.

Note that the town center concept at Sienna Plantation is still on the books and with high density living, it is expected to drive day time traffic.  “We think we’re getting close to that,” San Miguel.

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