Riverstone Nutrition is Worth a Visit (or Two!)
December 16, 2021

Almost a year ago, Riverstone Nutrition opened at 4821 LJ Parkway, but I did not get there until recently. I saw an ad on social media for a Cinnamon Roll Shake that I just had to try. Since they have “nutrition” in their name, I assumed this would not be a fattening, sugary drink. It was delicious and I was told it contained 24 vitamins and minerals. 

They have a bunch of protein shakes, smoothies, juices, teas and meal replacement shakes to try. They also have healthy fast foods. When I went in, I had just finished a class at Orange Theory Fitness, and a sweet lady behind the counter told me they have boot camp classes that I might like to try. These classes are held at Wetlands Park in Riverstone. I was happy to find this place, only wish I had visited them sooner. If interested, check out their Facebook page — Riverstone Nutrition & Energy.


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