Call It a Snowball or Shaved Ice — Weekley’s is Great!
December 04, 2021

Having lived in Southern Louisiana as a kid, I love snowballs. That is what they are called over there. Here in Texas, most people call it shaved ice. Just down Highway 6 from Sienna, located at 7203 McCoy in Manvel, is a wonderful place called Weekley’s Shaved Ice & Snacks. Clint and Alyssa opened Weekley’s in 2016 because they have great memories of after-school dates going to get shaved ice. The thing about Weekley’s is you don’t have to be a fan of snowballs to enjoy this place. They’ve got treats of every kind. My favorite is the Chocolate Chip S’mores (it’s decadent!).

As far as the shaved ice, you’ll find a huge selection, sizes and toppings to choose from. They have Fall flavors that include eggnog, butter pecan and pumpkin pie. Of course, you can always get the traditional fruity flavors, as well.  If you are not into sweets but want to take your kiddo, you can find plenty of salty snacks, too. They carry Slim Jims, jerkey and even pickles!

They are open daily from noon to 8 p.m. My description of this place truly does not do it justice. Take your family for a treat, and I promise you will not be disappointed.



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