The Sawmill Pool
July 25, 2021

I love my new Shea home in Lake Estates, but I was really sad to leave my pool at the Newmark home we lived in for the last 12 years.  We are about to be emptynesters and the idea of a smaller space with a smaller yard was appealing to us both.

I was the one of the four of us that used the pool the most. The first thing Matt said when we decided to sell was, “I’m not putting in another pool,” so I looked and looked at resale homes that already had one. Since this new house was exactly the layout we both wanted, I relented.

The first beautiful day (at the very end of April) that I could justify relaxing for a bit, I grabbed my bag, a good book and my new Sienna ID card and headed to Sawmill Lake Club. The view is so pretty facing the lake. There was a nice breeze coming off the water. It was quiet (school was not out). There were actually only two other people there. I stayed almost three hours and went home relaxed and refreshed. I don’t think I often sat by my pool in the last house without jumping up to check on laundry or deal with the dog or something in the kitchen. I realized that with such a gorgeous pool five minutes from my house I might actually prefer doing this instead for now.

Even if you have a pool, Sawmill might be a great escape once in a while for Sienna residents.


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