Hot Real Estate Market in Sienna
May 03, 2021

I keep reading about the hot real estate market in Texas. I know Austin is seeing crazy high increases in housing costs. Here in Sienna, we are being told it is a seller’s market and that inventory of resale homes is low.

I did some reading up on the various neighborhoods within our beautiful Sienna.  I love the new construction homes here and recently bought an inventory home (our fourth new home in Sienna) so I found this reading very interesting. I’m told that all of the builders have inventory homes available in various stages for those who do not want a resale home.

I do think there are some advantages to resale and obviously some different advantages to brand new. What I did not know was the median price in each neighborhood or that home sales here have been trending up by more than 11.5 percent each year for several years — talk about a good investment! Currently, there are 124 homes on the market within Sienna — 26 of those were listed in just the last seven days.

Sienna has nine villages and I just realized I’ve now lived in four! I started in the Village of Steep Bank, moved to the Village of Shipman’s Landing, then to the Village of Water’s Lake and lastly to the Village of Sawmill. I should add that it took us 22 years to accomplish knowing what living in each village is like. I have no regrets and love that we’ve always had wonderful neighbors. That’s the icing on the cake. 


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